Public Health Genetics Week 2023

Join us from May 15-19, 2023 to celebrate the fourth annual Public Health Genetics Week!

Public health genetics applies genetic and genomic information to improve public health and prevent disease.

Public health genetics includes healthcare providers, patients, families, federal agencies, public health professionals, and non-profits. During the fourth annual Public Health Genetics Week, we will be celebrating the efforts of those individuals who participate in the public health genetics system and seek to raise awareness about the field.

Learn More about Public Health Genetics

What is Public Health Genetics?

Learn what public health genetics is on Day 1 of PHGW.

Who is Involved in Public Health Genetics?

For Day 2 we will highlight the members that make up the public health genetics system.

What are Public Health Genetics Programs?

Explore the types of programs that are part of public health genetics system on Day 3.

Public Health Screening

During Day 4, we will highlight population genetics screenings such as newborn screening and non-invasive prenatal screening.

Public Health Genetics Resources

On the last day of PHGW,  find over 500+ resources that help support the public health genetics system.

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