Public Health Genetics Resources Twitter Chat

Join @nccrcg on Twitter to raise awareness about the resources available from the public health genetics systems by participating in the second of two Twitter chats during Public Health Genetics Week 2021!

The questions that will be asked during the chat can be found below. Be sure to follow @nccrcg and use the hashtag #PHGW to participate.

  1. Welcome to the second Twitter Chat of 2021 Public Health Genetics Week! Today, we will focus on highlighting public health genetics resources. To kick things off, tell us how public health genetics has impacted you?
  2. Have you ever used public health genetics resources? If so, where do you find information?
  3. Which newborn screening resources do you use or recommend?
  4. Which carrier screening resources do you use or recommend?
  5. Which cancer genetics resources do you use or recommend?
  6. Which public health genomics resources do you use or recommend?
  7. We applaud the healthcare providers and public health professionals combating COVID-19! What genetics resources and/or services have been helpful during COVID-19?
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share about public health genetics?

Interested in learning how a Twitter chat works? Buffer has a great article about Twitter chats available here.

May 28 at 3 PM ET

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