Public Health Genetics Resources

Individuals and organizations within the public health genetics system work to build tools and resources to help support the system. This includes developing infrastructure to support a more efficient newborn screening system, genetics educational resources for individuals and other healthcare providers, training genetics providers in the delivery of telemedicine to help increase access to telegenetics, and creation of directories to allow individuals and families to easily find genetics providers near them.

The NCC has created a Resource Repository (ReRe) to list available resources below. In ReRe, you can search for what kind of resources you want depending on the intended audience, subject, type of resource, organization, and more.

Individuals and Families

Healthcare Providers

Genetics and non-genetics providers.

Other Intended Audiences

Other intended audiences include professionals from various fields. They can include public health professionals, educators, policymakers, RGNs, healthcare interpreters, and administrators.

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