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Join in celebrating Public Health Genetics Week by uploading your own short, social media videos or images that you can use across your social media platforms or select to be featured on the NCC social media channels leading up to and during Public Health Genetics Week!


Would you like to add personalized PHGW images to your social feeds? Use our text and image generator below to add your answers to the questions for this year’s PHGW. If you add it to your social media, be sure to tag @nccrcg and add hashtags #PublicHealthGenetics and #PHGW so you can be featured on our social media channels!

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Submit video(s) here.

The NCC will be hosting a few social media series about public health genetics targeting different audiences. Listed below is a short description of each series and the accompanying questions.

If you are interested in participating, please upload video (s) in the form to the right in the following manner:

  • Please note which series you are submitting a video(s) for.
  • Since this will be shared on social media, we ask that you film yourself on your phone vertically.
  • We ask that you keep your answers to one minute per question.

What Does Public Health Genetics Mean to You?

This series will be used to share the personal perspective of Public Health Genetics. Our goal is to share short clips of your responses during the first day of PHGW on social media.


  • How would you describe public health genetics?
  • What does public health genetics mean to you?

 How are You Involved in Public Health Genetics?

This series will be used share how organizations, and individuals, participate in public health genetics. Our goal is to share short clips of the responses during the second, third, and fourth day of PHGW on social media.

If responding as an individual:

  • How did you become involved in public health genetics?
  • What do you do in public health genetics?
  • Why do you like being involved in public health genetics?

If responding as an organization:

  • How does your organization participate in public health genetics?
  • Give an example of a specific effort your organization is working on related to public health genetics.

 A Day in the Life: Public Health Genetics

This series will be targeting students to learn about the ins and outs of working in public health genetics. Our goal is to share short clips throughout the week on social media. We will be working with Pitt students to work on this project.


Walk through your workday to show various efforts you undertaken to help support public health genetics.

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