Public Health Genetics Week Partners Twitter Chat

May 24 at 3 PM ET- Twitter Chat

Join NCC (@nccrcg) on Twitter for a conversation about your role (or your organization’s role) in public health genetics. Listed below are the questions we will be discussing. Be sure to include #PHGW in your responses to join the chat!


  1. Welcome to the first Twitter Chat of 2022 Public Health Genetics Week! Today, we will focus on highlighting public health genetics programs. To start the chat off, tell us who you are!
  2. Poll time! What is your role within public health genetics? (poll answers: healthcare provider, public health professional, individual (or family member) with genetic condition, organization that works within public health genetics, someone interested in public health genetics)
  3. Share one activity you are involved in related to public health genetics.
  4. What does public health genetics mean to you?
  5. How did you get involved in public health genetics?
  6. How has your work within public health genetics working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  7. Thank you to everyone who joined the Twitter Chat. Before we conclude today’s chat, let us know other ways you are celebrating Public Health Genetics Week?

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