Video Resources

Since Public Health Genetics Week started in 2020, a number of videos have been created to help educate individuals about public health genetics and help celebrate the week. Explore the videos below by intended audience and reach out to if you would like to see a new video resource developed!

For All Audiences

General public health genetics education videos and podcasts

The first day of public health genetics week answers the question- “What is Public Health Genetics?”. Check out this short explainer video to learn more about the field!

Day 3 of Public Health Genetics Week focuses on Public Health Genetics Programs. Learn more about programs from the community to the federal level that support public health genetics.

Dr. Mat Edick, Project Director of the Midwest Regional Genetics Network, answers questions about what public health genetics is on the “What is Public Health?” Podcast by Dr. Kee Chan.

2020 Public Health Genetics Week

For Students/Future Professionals

Megan Lyon, Associate Project Director of the National Coordinating Center for the Regional Genetics Networks, answers questions from Katie Lee about what it is like to be a public health professional in genetics.

2022 Public Health Genetics Week

Two professors and a genetics professional, on behalf of the APHA Genomics Forum, discuss the role of education in public health genetics.

2022 Public Health Genetics Week

Students from Pitt Public Health discussed what it is like to study public health genetics.

2021 Public Health Genetics Week

For Individuals/Families

Families who have genetic conditions in their family discuss what public health genetics means to them.

2020 Public Health Genetics Week

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