Public Health Genetics Resources

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As discussed throughout the week, public health genetics is a comprehensive system made up of many different individuals and organizations. These stakeholders develop resources, ranging from websites to PDFs to databases, to help support the public health genetics system. Explore some of these resources below by what type of audience the resource is developed for.

Family Health History- A Public Health Genetics Week Case Study

If you have explored the other family health history case studies on any of the Public Health Genetics Week Daily Theme pages, you will find a number of tools and resources to help you better understand and collect your family health history, such as My Family Health Portrait. On this page, you can find even more by using the magnifying glass on the top right-hand corner of each table.

Throughout Public Health Genetics Week 2022, we will be highlighting family health history. Learn more about family health history by checking back each day of the week or read our Family Health History Comic Strip.

Healthcare Providers

Genetics and Non-Genetics Providers


Other Audience Types

Public health professionals, healthcare interpreters, administrators, etc.

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